Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beckham Sells Like Hotcakes Online

David Beckham sells. Recent visitor figures of mlsnet.com, the website of the US soccer league, vividly reiterate this fact. The site has attracted over one million unique visitors in the month of July, thanks to the arrival of the former England captain in the US. Moving out of Spanish football club Real Madrid, Beckham was recently signed by American club LA Galaxy for a reported $250 million!

The website has witnessed a rise in fortunes since the dismal figures of 2,30,000 unique visitors at the end of 2006. After the signing of Beckham in January, this number rose to 8,08,000 visitors, a jump of more than 252 percent. Despite 2006 being the Football World Cup year, Beckham's arrival has made a greater impact on the website's fortunes. Being an extremely popular star, he has single-handedly doubled the visitor figures for mlsnet.com.

With Becks' signing, Europeans are taking renewed interest in American football, keen to watch their hero in action. A huge number of football-related websites are witnessing an increase in their page views as sport lovers clamour for every smallest bit of information about the footballer. How we wish there were more celebrities to contribute to this upsurge in Internet marketing fortunes!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yahoo! Users can now send Free Text Messages

Yahoo! users rejoice... the email service provider and search engine has launched a new version of its web mail application that allows you to send text messages to mobile phones for free! At present, this service can be availed in countries like the US, the Philippines, Canada and India.

The new application also allows users to send instant messages from Yahoo! Mail to members of other messengers like Yahoo! and Windows. Apart from these features, users will also get advanced search options in their email accounts. This will help them narrow down results on grounds of sender, date, folder and attachments.

The traditional Yahoo! Mail interface shall continue to function alongside this new service. For users, it is time to spread their social wings on the horizon of emailing.

Monday, August 20, 2007

SES Conference's 2007 Chapter in San Jose

Think of San Jose and the name of the famous Silicon Valley springs to your mind. Home to some of the most successful companies of the world, San Jose will be smothered with tourists of a 'different' kind this summer.

Webmasters, search engine optimisers, PPC executives, online business owners and enthusiastic students from world over will be conglomerating here for the 2007 chapter of 'Search Engine Strategies Conference and Exposition'.

To be held from August 20th-23rd, this annual conference is regarded as one of the biggest events in the Internet search industry. Being a part of this conference means getting to learn the nuances of search engine marketing from the who's who in this business. You can also get to know of latest developments in various related fields related.

And, of course, when you have time, just go out and have a blast at late-night parties unofficially organised here. Netizens, head for San Jose... knowledge, glory and fun beckon you there!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Netizen Numbers to touch 1.5b in 2011

The World Wide Web is entangling more and more people with each passing day. A recent online report states that the global online populace is set to cross the 1.5 billion user mark by 2011. These figures stood at 1.1 billion in the year 2006. It is predicted that Asian bigwigs India, China and Russia, along with Brazil from South America, will be the major players in this behind this spurt.

According to the report, Web dominance of the US, Canada, Japan and a few European countries is slated to ease out by the turn of the next decade. In fact, China and India are touted to be the nations producing the largest number of Web users.

The main reason behind this upsurge is said to be the two countries' large population base. Also, both the nations are developing at a fast rate and hence have a relatively high purchasing power. Coupled with better infrastructural growth, it will end up increasing consumer adoption of the Internet by 2011.

Web researchers, marketers and the common users are all busy making plans for this Internet boom. It really seems... The Web is just not enough any more!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Social Networks Impacting Music Piracy

The music industry world over is going through a crisis of sorts. With the number of social networking sites on a constant rise, the Internet is having a huge impact on the way users consume music. As a result of increasing downloads, music piracy is heading towards an all-time high.

According to an online survey, more than 38 percent of social networkers have their favourite music embedded in their personal profiles. They often share these audio files with their friends, thus lowering the sale value of such songs.

About 53 percent people revealed that they surfed social networking sites usually to find music. Many of the survey's respondents also said that most of their music downloads were courtesy such networks. In fact, the most popular networks themselves claim that more than 75 percent of their users surf their site to download music.

The music industry, on the other hand, is finding it extremely difficult to cope up with this menace. Online piracy has always been a threat for them. And now, with the growing popularity of social networks, the problem seems to have escalated beyond control. However, experts insist that regulation has to come from social networking sites that actually hold the key to this issue of grave concern.

Music lovers will surely be disappointed if they have to get back to paying for their favourite downloads. Any policy in this regard will surely end up changing the face of social networking around the globe.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Social Networking now part of your Firefox Browser

Web browser Mozilla has grand plans to take social networking to newer heights. In fact, it is working towards stealing limelight away from online networking sites that are in the pipeline.

Mozilla will soon launch such a network within the framework of its Firefox Internet browser. To be known as The Coop, this network will allow users to subscribe to content from friends and vice versa. This kind of content can be taken from a user's other social profiles. In fact, users can also check the status of their friends on this list before going on to chat with them.

However, industry experts are not too happy with this development. The ability to view user status from within the browser reduces your need to actually visit a site, thus slowing down its pageview growth. And this decrease is predicted to impact advertising revenues of such websites. We just hope The Coop does not land popular networking sites in a soup!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google loses Gmail to Germany

Google loses Gmail to Germany

Germany says NO to Gmail, if its Google that serves it!

A German court has banned Google from using the name Gmail for its mailing system when the search giant failed to argument his case in the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court.
Daniel Gieresch a young business man from Germany slammed Google with infringment charges upon using the name Gmail for thier maling service. The tryst and trial went on in the court fr three years until now that the verdict is out.

Having secured the name under his company way back in 2000 Daniel had the verditc favour him opposd to the search masters who entred the domain in 2004!

The judgement leaves a lot to be speculated and observed. Although google in a desperate attempt to secure its interest is chalenging Daniel to other courts the fact remains that Germany has been able to look beyond the brand and justify a common man’s interest.
Indeed much can be learnt !

Friday, June 1, 2007

Beckham for 'Posh' Honour

Former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham may soon be a whole lot posher. The one-time Spice Girl could become 'Lady Victoria', after it emerged this week that her husband David Beckham is being considered for a knighthood.

According to reports the soccer ace's name is among those currently being scrutinised by Whitehall for both Tony Blair's Resignation Honours list and the Queen's annual Birthday Honours.

It remains to be seen if David's name will make onto the final list, but his chances of adding to the OBE he was awarded in 2003 are said to be high, reflecting his work for charity and role in bringing the 2012 Olympics to London.

Whatever the final outcome, it was business as usual this week for Becks, who makes his England squad comeback tonight as he rejoins his team to play against Brazil. And cheering him on from the sidelines will be his loyal wife - who has halted filming of her LA reality show to support him.

American TV bosses wanted Victoria in the US this week for a fortnight's filming, but she has refused as it would have meant missing her husband's England return, as well as his final game for Real Madrid next week.

"She was in tears when she heard he'd been recalled to the England squad, as she knew that was his ultimate dream," says a source. "There's no way she'd have sacrificed being there to spur him on against Brazil… just to do a TV show - regardless of how much it would help her career in the US."

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lohan's in the news again!

After yet 'another mishap' in Lindsay Lohan's life, we get to hear that her private MySpace account, Blackberry and Gmail accounts were hacked and several of her private messages have been posted online. The unnamed hacker promises a full website with all the hacked photos, messages and emails in the next 3-4 days. What's online thus far are some of her "conversations" with Paris Hilton, "Shannaxoxo" (Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker's wife/ex-wife/whatever), Stavros (Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton's on/off boyfriend) and "Sam Young".

I really hope no one thought this was going to be Lindsay listing her favorite Bible stories or expounding on her views on foreign policy, because if you were expecting something other than Lindsay sounding like a dumb whore, sorry. She lives on semen and drama, so of course this is going to sound like junior high. Which reminds me, Tiffany said you were fat. Girl, I know! She's just jealous, and totally doesn't want u 2 make the squad.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Chalpi is a 20-year-old with a deadly disease she caught, nobody knows how, a year ago. She's a daughter of our poor maid. When they went to a government hospital they were told that her illness is incurable and the girl would not survive for long. As if, the shock wasn't enough, the doctor further said that her life could be prolonged for a certain weeks if she's on a life support system.
The only obstacle is they can't afford Rs 12 lakh needed for her treatment. Should my poor maid see each day passing helplessly, while her daughter is suffering so much physical and mental torture? The girl keeps asking for death - probably she's asking for relief from the excruciating pain.
Well, what about mercy killing? Is that an option? But how can a parent even think of killing his/her own child? But does that mean they can see her suffering each moment?
To think of it, many disturbing questions keep haunting me. Why something like euthanasia is not legalised sin our democracy? What made it a law in countries like Netherlands and Belgium? Why can't a terminally ill new-born baby be given euthanasia? Is a patient's relief from suffering more important or the filial love and stupid archaic laws?
A classic case in this light is of K Venkatesh. The 25-year-old so badly wanted to donate his organs before dying but the law was a barrier. Wasn't that enough that he was undergoing a tormenting life for many years?
But what about the belief that you make bad causes by killing someone? My point is, the prayer of the mankind (the patients' relatives, may be) must be, should be so strong that the sufferer comes back to being hale and hearty - be it any disease. Or, or, or, even if he has to die, at least he should be able to get rid of his bad karma, because of which he's so much in agony, in this lifetime.
At the same time we can't ignore the mal-practices of some of the so-called doctors. And we certainly can't ignore the way judiciary works in our country. So I suggests if at all the law has to be made in favour of mercy killing, then it must be a very strict one with no loose ends.
I ask you, what do you think, should be done? Should Chalpi be given a simple injection to set her free or be left to live in pain? After all, financial burden in her case, may force the entire family on the brink of death…
Another recent case (which was shown on some news channels as well) of poor parents asking for death of their 10-year-old son, is from a Jharkhand village. Manoj mental disease is declared incurable by the village doctor and his parents can't arrange two-sqaure meal a day. Due to extreme poverty they can't bring their son to a city hospital either. So they are forced to ask for mercy killing.
Now what do you think of the law of euthanasia in our country, given the fact that 1 billion people in our country earn less then Rs 40 per day?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

World Cup (Let the game begin)

The classic white-mans game' is about to be challenged by 16 nations from across the globe at the West Indies to prove their mastery in accordance to the strokes, throws n techniques of the game over one another very soon. The stage all-set, teams all there, the opening ceremony is scheduled for the 11th of the March- two days from which, will witness the first match of the ICC World Cup between the host team West Indies and Pakistan!
With contenders like Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and New Zealand in the league amongst others; the spunk and spoof of the matches, friction of the crowds and the frenzy of the world media- Its all going to be worth a long-long wait!
The glorious win of England against the world champion Kangaroos and New Zealanders have had them riding a high wave of aplomb and grit . Shortly from when the 15 member team to the Caribbean was declared – the Captain Micheal Vaughan led faction promised to bring back the ICC World Cup 2007 trophy to -'the home of cricket' England.
Convinced with their old-fashioned style and strategy of playing one- day cricket
England have already signaled that Ed Joyce and captain Michael Vaughan will open the innings while Ian Bell provides further solidity at number three.

Raising eyebrows England is keeping faith with the tactics which helped them take over the Commonwealth Bank series and thats despite the belief that the small grounds at Caribbean are designed to aid attacking stroke players resulting in most sides packing off big hitters at the top order to keep up the power plays!

Reacting to which off spinning all rounder Jamie Dalrymple exclaimed "You can't get away from doing good basics. The basics are crucial and you build everything else on top of strong basics,"
Here is only hoping that the back-to-basics trip of the acclaimed off spinner does not cost us a World Cup which is ready to be hunted down by the skilled sports men none less than- be tagged 'best in the business'

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UK telecoms Giant's venture in India

Amongst the three major players, Reliance communication, Vodafone and Hindujas, pitching in to bag the deal, neither revealed the field details until the news broke “Vodafone acquires Hutch”

Vodafone shares climbed on Monday after the British mobile phone giant beat rival suitors with an US$11.1 billion bid for a controlling stake in Hutchison Essar, India's fourth-biggest cellphone firm” a news source quotes.

Having acquired India's fourth largest cellphone company, Vodafone seems to have struck the right balance with shares taking an upward plunge of 2.5% at 153 pence.

Vodafone, conceptually, is tapping the emerging market. Post acquisition, Vodafone's stakes in emerging market have leaped from 20% to 33% promising great market potential.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

TATA wins Corus

LONDON/MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's Tata Steel is set to become the world's fifth-biggest steelmaker after winning a battle for Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus Group with a 6.2 billion pounds offer.

The battle pushed Corus's share price to seven-year highs and pitted 70-year-old Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata, from one of India's best-known business families, against Benjamin Steinbruch, 52, a famous Brazilian executive who is the chief and main owner of CSN.

The deal, India's biggest ever foreign takeover, is expected to fuel a new wave of consolidation in the fragmented steel sector after Mittal Steel acquired rival Arcelor for $32 billion (16 billion pounds) last year.

Corus shares jumped 7 percent to near the bid price, but shares in Tata Steel fell as much as 10 percent as investors felt it was paying too high a price and the purchase could strain its finances.

Sterling which has been nudging the $2 mark for several weeks, could get a boost from the deal as Tata Steel looks to buy pounds to pay Corus's British shareholders.

In a hard-fought auction, Tata Steel agreed to offer Corus investors 608 pence per share in cash, a third more than its original offer and topping a final bid of 603 pence from Brazil's Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN)

"Quite frankly I do feel it is both taking a short-term and harsh view... In future somebody will look back and say we did the right thing," Tata, the 70-year-old patriarch who is also a licensed pilot, told reporters in Mumbai.

By Yahoo News

Well looks like one deal which will further enhance the image of Inidian Economy. Early this week Times Of India(popular news concern) pulled out an article which raised the voice against S&P rating for Indian economy BBB- . India is becomming a huge avenue for foreign investments and we need to accolade it.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Diana interview most unforgettable

3000 voters in a survey have chosen the interview of Princess Diana with Martin Bashir as the most memorable one. Needless to say, she had admitted to an adulterous relationship with his instructor James Hewitt. She had also said she would never be the queen but would like to be the 'queen of people's hearts.' This interview was watched by some 15 million people, probably BBC's highest. She had really made a clean breast of everything.

She had also said she was hurt by whatever was going on between Prince Charles and Camilla ('a bit crowded marriage') but she did not want a divorce. The 1977 interview of Richard Nixon in which he admitted his role in the watergate scandal was the second most memorable interview.

Diana is always green in our memory. This survey is yet another reminder to the fact. Do tell me how you feel about it. I will soon write two more pieces on the royal family. One on Kate Middleton- the princess waiting in the wings, and another on the infamous Charles-Camilla affair. Keep visiting.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Iraq war – justice or mistake?

Now whose war is it, sometimes I wonder! and I know there are millions like me asking the same question. There is a megalomaniac Mr. Bush who wants the world tailor-made by him. So, he took to war and UK led by His excellency Tony Blair joined. And what did the world get in return? About 50,000 civilians have been killed so far or may be more (some say its 150k!!!!). More than 3000 US soldiers have died. and our own Britain has lost about 150 soldiers! all for some ego-satisfaction.

I was one of the happiest person on the planet when Mr. Blair's boat was rocked by the Iraq storm. i sincerely believe he has taken us for a ride. Britain has committed a moral crime led by Tony. I can't stop cursing both bush and blair. There are reports which suggest that our national image has suffered a lot . I wish this war ends sooner than later. Enough lives have been lost for not so great causes. The world is more prone to terrorism after these wars. God knows who is next – Iran or Northe Korea.

Sharapova has lost to Serena!!!!!!!!!

I am pained. My favourite beauty-queen and sportsperson Maria Sharapova has lost; that too to Serena Williams! The top-seed lost in a one-sided match to an unseeded one, to add insult to my injury. With this Australian Open title, it is Serena's 8th Grand Slam title. 6-1, 6-2 and in one hour 2 minutes!!

However pissed I may be, I must praise Serena. She is only the 2nd player in the world to win it while being unseeded and the first woman to do it. The 25-year-old was down with a knee injury. This is a remarkable come back. I wish her all success and hope she will continue to give my favourite player more interesting matches.

I have no doubts that Sharapova will beat her in future. She was not in her elements. As they say – let not success go to your head and failure to your heart! Maria will bouce back. We are all with her. Amen!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Child-eaters(Bloody Bastards) : a gruesome case

Unbelievable but true, two bastards from Nithari, a suburb near New Delhi(India) have raped, butchered and again raped more than 40 children! However, they are suspected of raping and killing even more children. Parents from far and wide are flocking the town looking for their missing children.

Moninder Singh Pandher(Bastard no. 1), and Surendra Koli(Bastard no. 2) used to lure children in the big bungalow(Where the bastards resided) and killed them after sexually assaulting them. They have even admitted of cases where they had sex with the dead!(Fucking Bastards) They used to chop off the body into many pieces and disposed them in the sewer adjacent to their banglow(Where the bastards resided for a very long time).

This unprecedented case has naturally attracted public indignation. The bar association has passed a resolution by which the accused will not get a lawyer to represent them. Only yesterday the public and lawyers beat them inside the court premises. These bastards could have been caught before and many lives would have been saved but if only the Indian police(Bunch loooosers) were less corrupt and had their eyes open .

United? Kingdom

Is United Kingdom really united enough? The results of a poll published two days ago have raised this pointed question. It says Britons identify themselves as Scottish, English or Welsh rather than as British! Alas!

Gordon Brown, the PM waiting in the wings, has already warned us of 'Balkanisation of Britain.' It was 52 per cent people in 1996 and now it is 44 per cent who consider themselves British – so says the annual British Social Attitudes report. Englishness is the most growing factor among these!

May be one day Wikipedia will have to revise this line - The United Kingdom is a politican union made up of four constituent countries : England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! And I will regret it. I like being hailed as British. What about you? Will you not miss a lot if it is otherwise. Let me know.

Jokes make life light & the top UK joke

Well! that is well-known. All of us love jokes (except the cynics). They take a lot of pain off our mind. Just a few lines work wonders for us. I just can't live without jokes. The pressure and tension of my life melts in seconds! Even my wife cracks a lot of jokes. She has a tremendous sense of humour. And she has many husband-wife jokes in her kitty. She hails from a fun-loving family. Her father, was a humorous entertainer on the local radio.

In India they have even started a program named the 'the laughter champions/challenge' which is a super-hit. Even people from Pakistan- India's arch rival – have won laurels here! Now a joke show dissolving boundaries. Isn't that wonderful?! I have also noticed that it is possible to say difficult things through jokes and convince people about a lot many things. Okay here is UK's top joke, so rated in a survey -

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says: “You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you.”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jade Baddy!

ade Baddy err.. Goody et al. have admitted and regretted humiliating the famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in the (in)famous reality show “Celebrity Big Brother'. This incident has attracted world wide attention and our country's image has of course suffered. There have been many polls where majority of Britons have admitted it was racism and it was wrong. Even Tony Blair has commented on it.

Indians have made contributions to UK and have a good number here. It is an unfortunate incident. Some are even predicting that Jade's career will end with this. She is donating the 100000 pounds she received from the show and an interview to a social cause (read damage control cause)! Some are saying she will go to India to participate in Bigg Boss- the Indian version of the show, for penance. Now that will kill two birds with one stone because Bigg Boss needs an injection like this for viewership improvement. Channel 4 has also received some flak and the future of this show is endangered. However, some are also saying it was a publicity stunt by the Indian actress!

Come what may, racism is wrong and out of place in a country like ours. Down with racism! Down with Jade and others who have soiled Britain's name!