Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jade Baddy!

ade Baddy err.. Goody et al. have admitted and regretted humiliating the famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty in the (in)famous reality show “Celebrity Big Brother'. This incident has attracted world wide attention and our country's image has of course suffered. There have been many polls where majority of Britons have admitted it was racism and it was wrong. Even Tony Blair has commented on it.

Indians have made contributions to UK and have a good number here. It is an unfortunate incident. Some are even predicting that Jade's career will end with this. She is donating the 100000 pounds she received from the show and an interview to a social cause (read damage control cause)! Some are saying she will go to India to participate in Bigg Boss- the Indian version of the show, for penance. Now that will kill two birds with one stone because Bigg Boss needs an injection like this for viewership improvement. Channel 4 has also received some flak and the future of this show is endangered. However, some are also saying it was a publicity stunt by the Indian actress!

Come what may, racism is wrong and out of place in a country like ours. Down with racism! Down with Jade and others who have soiled Britain's name!

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