Saturday, January 27, 2007

Iraq war – justice or mistake?

Now whose war is it, sometimes I wonder! and I know there are millions like me asking the same question. There is a megalomaniac Mr. Bush who wants the world tailor-made by him. So, he took to war and UK led by His excellency Tony Blair joined. And what did the world get in return? About 50,000 civilians have been killed so far or may be more (some say its 150k!!!!). More than 3000 US soldiers have died. and our own Britain has lost about 150 soldiers! all for some ego-satisfaction.

I was one of the happiest person on the planet when Mr. Blair's boat was rocked by the Iraq storm. i sincerely believe he has taken us for a ride. Britain has committed a moral crime led by Tony. I can't stop cursing both bush and blair. There are reports which suggest that our national image has suffered a lot . I wish this war ends sooner than later. Enough lives have been lost for not so great causes. The world is more prone to terrorism after these wars. God knows who is next – Iran or Northe Korea.

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