Thursday, January 25, 2007

Child-eaters(Bloody Bastards) : a gruesome case

Unbelievable but true, two bastards from Nithari, a suburb near New Delhi(India) have raped, butchered and again raped more than 40 children! However, they are suspected of raping and killing even more children. Parents from far and wide are flocking the town looking for their missing children.

Moninder Singh Pandher(Bastard no. 1), and Surendra Koli(Bastard no. 2) used to lure children in the big bungalow(Where the bastards resided) and killed them after sexually assaulting them. They have even admitted of cases where they had sex with the dead!(Fucking Bastards) They used to chop off the body into many pieces and disposed them in the sewer adjacent to their banglow(Where the bastards resided for a very long time).

This unprecedented case has naturally attracted public indignation. The bar association has passed a resolution by which the accused will not get a lawyer to represent them. Only yesterday the public and lawyers beat them inside the court premises. These bastards could have been caught before and many lives would have been saved but if only the Indian police(Bunch loooosers) were less corrupt and had their eyes open .

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preeti said...

u got ny info on th various narco tests "the bastards" wer supposed to undertae..and whether its being made admissible b4 th court of law..and the statement of maya..the main witness,, wht validity to they hold?
kindly update..