Thursday, January 25, 2007

United? Kingdom

Is United Kingdom really united enough? The results of a poll published two days ago have raised this pointed question. It says Britons identify themselves as Scottish, English or Welsh rather than as British! Alas!

Gordon Brown, the PM waiting in the wings, has already warned us of 'Balkanisation of Britain.' It was 52 per cent people in 1996 and now it is 44 per cent who consider themselves British – so says the annual British Social Attitudes report. Englishness is the most growing factor among these!

May be one day Wikipedia will have to revise this line - The United Kingdom is a politican union made up of four constituent countries : England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! And I will regret it. I like being hailed as British. What about you? Will you not miss a lot if it is otherwise. Let me know.

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