Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beckham Sells Like Hotcakes Online

David Beckham sells. Recent visitor figures of mlsnet.com, the website of the US soccer league, vividly reiterate this fact. The site has attracted over one million unique visitors in the month of July, thanks to the arrival of the former England captain in the US. Moving out of Spanish football club Real Madrid, Beckham was recently signed by American club LA Galaxy for a reported $250 million!

The website has witnessed a rise in fortunes since the dismal figures of 2,30,000 unique visitors at the end of 2006. After the signing of Beckham in January, this number rose to 8,08,000 visitors, a jump of more than 252 percent. Despite 2006 being the Football World Cup year, Beckham's arrival has made a greater impact on the website's fortunes. Being an extremely popular star, he has single-handedly doubled the visitor figures for mlsnet.com.

With Becks' signing, Europeans are taking renewed interest in American football, keen to watch their hero in action. A huge number of football-related websites are witnessing an increase in their page views as sport lovers clamour for every smallest bit of information about the footballer. How we wish there were more celebrities to contribute to this upsurge in Internet marketing fortunes!