Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google loses Gmail to Germany

Google loses Gmail to Germany

Germany says NO to Gmail, if its Google that serves it!

A German court has banned Google from using the name Gmail for its mailing system when the search giant failed to argument his case in the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court.
Daniel Gieresch a young business man from Germany slammed Google with infringment charges upon using the name Gmail for thier maling service. The tryst and trial went on in the court fr three years until now that the verdict is out.

Having secured the name under his company way back in 2000 Daniel had the verditc favour him opposd to the search masters who entred the domain in 2004!

The judgement leaves a lot to be speculated and observed. Although google in a desperate attempt to secure its interest is chalenging Daniel to other courts the fact remains that Germany has been able to look beyond the brand and justify a common man’s interest.
Indeed much can be learnt !

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