Thursday, August 2, 2007

Social Networking now part of your Firefox Browser

Web browser Mozilla has grand plans to take social networking to newer heights. In fact, it is working towards stealing limelight away from online networking sites that are in the pipeline.

Mozilla will soon launch such a network within the framework of its Firefox Internet browser. To be known as The Coop, this network will allow users to subscribe to content from friends and vice versa. This kind of content can be taken from a user's other social profiles. In fact, users can also check the status of their friends on this list before going on to chat with them.

However, industry experts are not too happy with this development. The ability to view user status from within the browser reduces your need to actually visit a site, thus slowing down its pageview growth. And this decrease is predicted to impact advertising revenues of such websites. We just hope The Coop does not land popular networking sites in a soup!

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