Sunday, August 12, 2007

Netizen Numbers to touch 1.5b in 2011

The World Wide Web is entangling more and more people with each passing day. A recent online report states that the global online populace is set to cross the 1.5 billion user mark by 2011. These figures stood at 1.1 billion in the year 2006. It is predicted that Asian bigwigs India, China and Russia, along with Brazil from South America, will be the major players in this behind this spurt.

According to the report, Web dominance of the US, Canada, Japan and a few European countries is slated to ease out by the turn of the next decade. In fact, China and India are touted to be the nations producing the largest number of Web users.

The main reason behind this upsurge is said to be the two countries' large population base. Also, both the nations are developing at a fast rate and hence have a relatively high purchasing power. Coupled with better infrastructural growth, it will end up increasing consumer adoption of the Internet by 2011.

Web researchers, marketers and the common users are all busy making plans for this Internet boom. It really seems... The Web is just not enough any more!

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