Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UK telecoms Giant's venture in India

Amongst the three major players, Reliance communication, Vodafone and Hindujas, pitching in to bag the deal, neither revealed the field details until the news broke “Vodafone acquires Hutch”

Vodafone shares climbed on Monday after the British mobile phone giant beat rival suitors with an US$11.1 billion bid for a controlling stake in Hutchison Essar, India's fourth-biggest cellphone firm” a news source quotes.

Having acquired India's fourth largest cellphone company, Vodafone seems to have struck the right balance with shares taking an upward plunge of 2.5% at 153 pence.

Vodafone, conceptually, is tapping the emerging market. Post acquisition, Vodafone's stakes in emerging market have leaped from 20% to 33% promising great market potential.


Reliance Mobile Victims Blog said...

It is a good thing for the country that Reliance did not get control of Hutch. Had it happened, there would have been more suckers left behind in the country by Reliance in its profit-making spree.

For full details of how I got duped by Reliance, please visit the link below.

Sambernard said...

You bet man. Reliance has sucked up the market a lot by now and has started playing it monopoly over the areas.

Reliance Mobile Victims Blog said...

Thank you Sam for your moral support. I could succeed in making sufficient noise and reliance has atleast given me an offer, that I have accepted